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John Clinebell

Thanks for sharing all this great new music! I'll definitely keep an eye out for when these singer songwriters hit the L.A. area.

Singer songwriter John Clinebell


[this is good] Seeing some familiar faces from the Vox community here. Good to see the live side is kicking off in other areas too.

Nkiru - A Life Less Origami

[this is good]

So many great events Trevor.  I'm looking forward to a trip in January so I can come out to some of your events.


HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Well Nkiru you if come all the way from New York to the Writers' Cafe you know for sure that I'm going to insist on you reading some of that beautiful poetry out - there's no way I'm going to accept No for an answer. May even be able to persuade a few Jazz musicians for the Georgian Jazz Club to improvise behind you Coltrane style maybe. You are forewarned!!

The Writers's cafe is the first Weds of the month, so will be straight after New Year. Karl Eland, the singer songwriter whose video you liked on Brian's site, will be on. i don't know if that will fit in with your plans.


HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Thanks for dropping in IB, the Writers Cafe has been putting on Vox artists for a while now, both male and female  (Rob Halligan and Karl Eland who are on Vox) - it's been great seeing them live, and such good performers. Unfortunately our lottery grant runs out in Jan and until further funding is found, we might have to go back to just local or regional artists unless they are prepared to play for the experience. Susie Wilkins is on in December and Karl Eland returns in Jan.

Certainly if any artists are willing to play for the experience I'm happy to try and fit them in and hopefully we'll be able to pull in some more funding eventually to cover their travel etc.

We are on the 1st Weds of the month.


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